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EPIC FAIL! To More Pain – The New Year Of The 22 Month Retirement Jan 01

I feel that I have not only let myself down, but anyone that needs to believe that there is a way out…

…that there is hope and that you can start with nothing and become more!

And so I begin a journey that will fulfill those dreams and aspirations and hopefully give not only hope, but a way out for those who dare to chase it.

There has been a lot that has happened since I last really blogged here or started the first challenge. My grandma (& leader of our family) died, lost two houses, divorce, mom had a few surgeries… and that’s just a few things!

And all that just after losing my wife’s (at the time) dad… who was like a father to me. And then going through cancer with both my grandma & mother-in law… who is also like a mom to me.

At times it would seem like once I got up… I would fight another disaster and then I kept thinking this can’t get any worse…

…And sure enough it would. I definitely hit a low (rock bottom) in my life at that time.

But before this becomes a sounding board for a bad few years… I LOVE LIFE!!! I think that it is absolutely amazing and I love my country and my friends and my God, and my family.

I am sooooo excited about “The 22 Month Retirement” & the hope, that I believe, that it will give for the many and NOT just the few.

So, what’s new?

What is this all about?

It’s about being able (no matter where you are in your life or in the world or how old you are or what your background is) to start with nothing and using the resources available to us… to create a income that would allow you to retire in 22 months from scratch… and join, what Tim Ferris of the “4 Hour Work Week” calls, the NEW RICH!!!

This doesn’t mean that you sit on your arse all day and do nothing after you have reached your goals, but instead you chase your life’s dreams…

You Live
You Explore
You Give

… And you stop worrying about money and start enjoying your freedom.

So, the idea behind The 22 Month Retirement is that you can make a particular amount of money (your number) using real estate flipping as your vehicle and then be able to live off of that invested at 12% interest…

But that was the old launch. The new launch has a nice twist. Because now there are a few new rules. Virtual real estate now comes into play.

Flipping basically means… being the middle man (person) in a transaction and collecting a check for the difference in what you get it for and what you sell it for.

The techniques we will talk about later… But the idea is to get a piece of property for cheap and sell it for more… never take “ownership” and collect a paycheck for bringing the two together.

These paydays can come in a matter of days and weeks at the latest.

And the checks (at least for real property) are a minimum of $5,000 usually. The checks online range from $150-$5,000+ depending on what type of site you are working with. But you can find these to flip daily and they are great for creating a little seed money to get you started if you need it.

This can now be done with “websites” (virtual real estate) and real property… And we will do both.

Are you ready?

It’s easy and it’s fun.

Let’s talk a bit about “Your Number”.

I just did this exercise with my cousin the other day. I asked him if you had 990 million dollars what would you do? How would you live your life? What would you own? And so on and so on.

We made out a list. Then we calculated how much that would cost per month to afford. That included everything from the cars that you would own, to the vacations that you would take, to the house that you would buy, or the chef that would cook for you a couple times per week, to the entertainment that you would enjoy.

You will be surprised that this number isn’t as big as you would think. Most people would be totally happy with $4,500-$15,000 a month. They could literally live the life of someone that had $990 million.

With that said… you can read my older post that covers this is more detail here: Setting Your 22 Month Retirement Goals ($990 Million)

The only change with that post is that my numbers are slightly different because I found my dream house for less than $180k… steal of a deal on 5 acres, pool, & horse ready. One of those “once in a lifetime” kind of deals that I used to find about once a year when I was heavy into real estate.

It’s the only house that I can remember that I actually fell in total love with… ever.

So, what about this virtual real estate stuff?

The same concepts that you use with real property can be applied to virtual real estate (websites).

Tie up a property into a contract… sell it for more, and collect the difference. But websites are a great investment too. You can buy a “performing website” (business) and collect the payments for a bit, then sell it.

We call this all kinds of transactions (options, wholesaling, flipping, retailing) there are a lot of methods… but the idea is the same.

Buy (or contract low) and sell for more… and collect the difference. That’s it!!! And that’s what I will show you here.

Also there is another HUGE UPDATE or twist to this.. this time around versus the first time, it’s the amount of money you actually have to make…

You don’t need nearly as much because you don’t have to invest it at 12%…

What if I showed you a guaranteed way to buy “Your Number” at only 10-15 times the amount it cost per month.

Let me explain…

Let’s say that your number is $7,000 a month. That’s the number (amount of money) that if you had coming in every month you could “retire” and live life like you had $990 million.

What if you could buy that $7,000 a month income stream for around $70,000 – $95,000, guaranteed?

You can!!!

There is a new game in town and it’s called Flippa. They are like eBay for websites and there you can find a website that is already making $7,000 a month in passive income… and buy that website for $70k-$95k. Once the files are transferred over and the domain ownership is transferred over you would start earning passive income that day.

Or you can diversify and buy a few sites that are $1,000 to $3,000 a month… as long as the combined income is $7,000 it doesn’t matter.

You can buy your income and it’s a waaay better return than 12%. This is the new way. That means that instead of having to make a few million to reach your goal invested at 12%, you need less than $100k. Now that’s amazing.

There is so much more to say, but for now I will end on that note.

UPDATE:Plenty Of Flips” was a website that was getting underway to be a free alternative to Flippa… but in a recent turn of events, it has changed direction to focus on helping regular folks (like us) learn more about quick flipping houses on the cheap.

So, let’s get started. ACTION ACTION ACTION

Reread this post as there is a lot to take in…

Talk to you soon,


We Buy Houses Marketing Apr 06

I know you have seen those We Buy Houses signs.  I am not sure if you are using them in your business or not, but if you’re not you could be missing out on a huge amount of leads and business.  This has now become one of our biggest lead sources for finding homes to sell, AND of course for selling homes.

I don’t do your usual by a 1,000 signs and put them out a 100 at a time kind of thing anymore. That use to work, but in nicer areas of town (price ranges just at or above the median home prices) I have gotten in so much crap for doing this that it has become so ineffective.

What we do now is have someone hold our signs for us. I use to pay them by the hour and do when I am selling, but when I am trying to generate leads for buying, I pay 25% commission for anyone who holds the signs and brings me a lead that we do a deal on. This is free advertising for me, and everyone is happy and it’s a true win win.

I stumbled on to this strategy of having people hold the signs out of necessity. One time when selling a home we were putting signs up and long story short, I ended up in court with a fine and on probation. But I didn’t want to stop using signs because they produce the most calls and open house visits of any other type of marketing hands down. Ads in the paper produce the highest quality. So, mixing these two together is a potent mix.

Anyhow, so I tested hiring some kids of a lady that worked on my houses for me and paid them $8 an hour. We ended up having 93 people come to that open house and we sold it using a round robin auction format at the end of the weekend. It was awesome.

So, I kind of got off subject for a second, because I started this post to let you know about a new website that we launched. We use a lot of Internet marketing. I think I am quite good at driving sites up the search engines and getting them ranked for particular keywords.

One of our newest sites is called We Buy Houses Dallas, it takes after the idea of the signs…except in this case its a sign on the Internet, which also allows for us to have a few more words. When you hold a sign on the street corner (usually by a Walmart in the area of town that you want to by in) you shouldn’t have more than 3 lines which also should include the phone number.

Something like:

We Buy Houses
Or Take Over Payments



Something like this works great. Also the signs that we use are 3′x4′, 3′x5′, or 4′x4′. Online our site is very similar…it’s a simple message that gets them to call us. We don’t try to come off as this huge big company, just normal investors that can and will buy your house or help you sell it fast. The only purpose of the site is to get them to call us.

So, if you want to check out our new site and try one of these in your marketing strategy go here and take a peek: We Buy Houses Dallas

…It’s still a baby site as far as traffic, but the last time I checked it was #2 in Yahoo all ready and we just started to promote it. Our keywords don’t burn up the search results, but they offer enough traffic that we feel that we can do 2-4 deals every single month from this site. That’s not so bad.

Also we are adding a few other pages and post that will help us get some other traffic for helping people to: Stop Foreclosure Dallas

Talk to you soon,


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Time To Get Back On The 22 Month Retirement Real Estate Investing Protocol Oct 03

Sorry everyone I have been M.I.A with The 22 Month Retirement.  No excuses, but I have had a crazy year personally, but I have not forgotten about what I have set out to do.

I have been working on houses and deals that I had before the 22 month retirement and my personal life has been a mess.

Anyway, all is good in the neighborhood and I will start to tell and show you what’s going on.  I’m really starting from scratch so, really I only have 13 months to finish eh?  That’s ok, a little hard work, a few late nights, being extremely productive, and who knows… we might just make it.

But hey, check it out, there have been some changes to the amount of money I need because me & my wife found our dream home and put an offer in on it last week.  You won’t believe me, but it’s a more…

THE Real Estate Investing Secret Jan 25

I have no idea how you got to this site.

A friend might have referred you hear. You might have read about it in a news publication. Maybe you just stumbled upon it through a search on a search engine.

But, however you got here, you have arrived at what is the most valuable real estate investing secret on the Internet.

Here’s why: The real estate secret is a simple secret that when understood and applied, will help you to buy and sell more houses without frustration in only a couple of hours a day, with more success and spending less time on it than most investors do all month.

What is The Real Estate Investing Secret?

It’s not no money down deals.
It’s not finding partners to invest with you.
It’s not flipping homes.

It’s not owner financing deals.
It’s not long term investing or short term investing.
It’s not location.

If that’s all you think that THE Real Estate Investing Secret is, then you should be scared.

When you know the real estate secret, it won’t matter if more… – Cheap, Custom, Real Estate Signs Jan 24

Hey, what’s up?

I wanted to let you know about this awesome place to buy cheap custom real estate signs.

It’s called!

This places seems to be phenomenal. I can’t put my full seal of approval on them yet because I haven’t personally used them, but I was referred here by a friend and I think they will do just fine.

I just couldn’t wait to share this news. Hope it might help you save some more…

Owner Finance and Cash Out In 30 Days Jan 23

This is a quick, little tip that I thought you might want to know.

As I talked about the other day in the post about seller financing, you can sell houses really quickly using owner financing – aka seller financing…

…But what most people don’t know is that you do NOT have to continue to receive those payments over a long period of time, making this strategy an extremely useful and profitable quick turn real estate investing strategy.


Because once you owner finance a mortgage note, then you can sell that mortgage note for cash. Yes, you will have to sell it at a discount, usually 6-13% or so depending on a couple of factors about your buyer like: down payment received, credit of borrower, time on job, and debt to income ratio, but you WILL get cashed out within 30 days.

This allows you to owner finance houses, and then get all cash within a very short amount of time by selling your mortgage note to a more…

Secrets Of House Flipping Jan 22

Flipping houses has become quite the popular real estate investing method…

…especially because of shows like property ladder, flip this house, flip this house, and others.

Now, let’s clear the air. Flipping houses means to buy a house at a discount, then to turn and sell the house quickly at a higher price (or flipping it for profit).  Flipping can really be applied to anything that you buy at a price and then turn and sell at a higher price. This is also why the term “wholesaling houses” is sometimes used.

Flipping houses now, though, has become synonymous with buying houses at a discounted rate, usually needing a substantial amount of repair, then fixing it up to look really pretty and marketable at a retail rate and selling it.

Thus, the term “fix and flip” is often used.

This is a very, very good way to make money in real estate.

7 Tips To Help You Flip Houses For Profit more…